Apple Selling 95 iPhones Per Store Every Day

Piper Jaffray spent 25 hours observing sales at Apple stores around the US, and has concluded in a research note posted today that each store sells around 95 iPhone 3Gs every day. Based on this information, they estimate that sales of the device are set to increase forufold during their fiscal fourth quarter.

“Our 25 hours of counting iPhone sales in Apple retail stores throughout the country lead us to believe Apple is on pace to beat our previous estimate of 4.1 million iPhones for the September quarter,” analyst Gene Munster advised in the note.

From this information, he has changed his sales estimate for the fourth quarter to 4.47.

“We believe Apple will sell 1.78 million units at its U.S. retail stores, and 0.90 million phones at U.S. AT&T locations,” Munster wrote. “Our estimate assumes each of the 2,200 AT&T stores will sell an average of 5 phones per day from the July 11th launch through the end of the September quarter.”

However, it should be noted that they may shift their projections downward over time, as over the two-week span that the checks were made, sales began to slow down over the second week.

“We believe that our revision may be conservative and that Apple will meet our estimates,” he wrote. “The August 22nd launch in additional countries should provide another catalyst to sales.”

[via AppleInsider]

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