Apple Seeking New Mobile Ad Developer, May be Looking to Include Ads in Apps

Apple may be helping with the next step of integrating mobile ads into App Store software for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the same way that they might include any other graphical or interface lements into their apps.

According to AppleInsider, a recently posted job listing on the Apple web site is seeking a “Senior Interactive Web Developer” for a
position located in Boston. The position describes the ideal candidate as developing a front-end Web user interface
for “Development of compelling, interactive digital advertising
experiences.” The Senior Interactive Developer will “be involved in
client discussions, proof-of-concept coding, working with and adding to
the existing framework, production deliverables and more.”
“Strong web technology fundamentals are a must, but you have more,”
Apple added. “You’ve worked with code libraries and frameworks and have
extended them to suit your needs, sometimes creating your own.”

The description may be enough to suggest that Apple, by designing a
proprietary mobile advertising framework to be included as part of
future versions of the iPhone Software Developers Kit, could make it as
trivial for developers to add advertisement placements to their
applications as it currently is to add buttons or interface controls.

Such a move would allow developers to debug their applications without worrying about monetization techniques, which APple could handle on their end. Once implemented, it could be likely that Apple could offer developers or publishers flexibility in customizing and filtering ads via an iTunes Connect web interface.

These details also dovetail with Apple’s acquisition of mobile ad firm Quattro Wireless early this year. Andy Miller, former CEO of Quattro
Wireless, was named vice president of mobile advertising with Apple.

Back in February, Apple also hired to experienced mobile advertising employees for positions in Europe and during a conference call in January, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer stated that the purchase of Quattro Wireless was to offer a means for developers “to make more money on their apps, especially free apps.”

While Apple is new to the ad business, its App Store for the iPhone,
iPod touch and iPad includes a wealth of free applications available
that are often supported by advertising. With 140,000+ apps listed on the App Store, mobile advertising could function as a powerful new revenue stream for thecompany.

Prior to the Quattro purchase, Apple was allegedly in negotiations with competing mobile ad agency AdMob. AdMob was
eventually purchased by Google for $750 million in a deal awaiting approval by the Federal Trade Commission.

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