Apple Seeds iPhone SDK 3.2 GM, Posts iPad Firmware

Apple sent out email to its developers today, announcing the Gold Master release of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK. The Gold Master release represents the version of the iPhone OS that will ship on the iPad, and likely be released to iPhone users in the near future (possibly the date of the iPad launch).

In addition to the updated SDK, Apple also added the iPad Firmware and iPad licensing agreement to their servers. The firmware is useless unless you happen to be holding an iPad. But the licensing agreement, which is usually a boring read that the end users never look at, contained this juicy detail:

This bit of information answers many concerns that the iPad will require users to pay for OS updates, similar to the iPod touch. iPhone users never have had to pay for OS updates because of some convoluted legal accounting reasoning, which basically amounts to the user having paid for it with their monthly fees to their cell service provider.

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