Apple Seeds 2.1 Software, SDK Update To Developers

Even before the iPhone 2.0 software was released to the masses, rumors were circulating that 2.0.1 was already in the works. It looks like they have a little more in store than just a routine update, as they have seeded a beta version of iPhone 2.1 Firmware (Beta 1, Build 5F90) to developers.

GearLive reports that in addition to all of the background update goodies you would expect, Apple has also added new Core Location features that track the location and speed the device is traveling, which could possibly make the highly anticipated turn-by-turn GPS directions a reality. They have also included early Push Notifications APIs that will allow applications to process notifications in the background, a feature they promised for September.

Apple also seeded a new version of the SDK. Oddly, this version cannot be used to submit apps to the App Store.

[via GearLive]

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