Apple Sales Starting to Roll Out Internationally

The Aussies have gotten their share of Apple’s considerable generosity already with the company’s Black Friday sales starting to show up on Australia’s Apple Store page.

Like last year, Apple is offering discounts on all of their products, excluding the iPhone of course, as well as on their various official and third-party accessories that they sell online. The sales don’t seem much different from those of last year, but they’re certainly worth making note of considering Apple doesn’t usually discount their products; it’s an exclusive, one-time-a-year thing.

iPad 2 – $43.97 USD discount
iPod Touch – $20.52 USD discount
iPod Nano – $10.75 USD discount
Macbook Air – $118.23 USD discount
Macbook Pro – $118.23 USD discount
iMac – $118.23 USD discount
Free shipping on all purchases

Note: The above amounts are simply converted from Australian dollars to US dollars

You should see these sales start to show up in your part of the world within the next few hours depending on your time zone. Don’t expect a huge discount, but if you’re looking to buy any of Apple’s devices, today’s certainly not a bad time. And if you need iTunes giftcards, they’re also discounted – I know I’ll need another one soon.

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