Apple Removing Screen Protectors From Online & Retail Stores

For reasons yet to be determined, Apple has informed its vendors that, starting in May, they will no longer be carrying a number of screen protectors in their online and retail stores. This includes both stand-alone screen protectors and products which include screen protectors. The new policy includes clear, anti-glare, and mirrored film, which are not just popular iPhone accessories, but also a big seller for owners of the newer glass-screen laptops. In addition, Apple isn’t just removing film protectors that cover the screen but also any film that protects areas such as the laptop palm area or the back side of the iPhone and iPod.

Apple has made no official comment on the unusual policy, leaving their vendors to speculate the reason. One suggests the films render the special oleophobic screens useless, while others suggest Apple is on a campaign to suggest their products don’t need such protection. Considering the ban includes products not focused on the screen, the more likely answer is that films are difficult to apply without air bubbles, and therefore are returned more often than any other third-party product.

[via Macworld]

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