Apple Releases iTunes 9.1 For iPad Support, Breaks Sync With Jailbroken Devices?

Apple today released iTunes 9.1 which brings several changes and enhancements, including support for syncing the iPad. In anticipation of the iBookstore, the “Audiobooks” section of iTunes has been renamed to “Books” and now allows users to manage both audio books and eBooks.

However, in addition to the other features mentioned below, some users are reporting that iTunes 9.1 seems to have broken sync on some jailbroken devices. Initially it had appeared that my jailbroken iPhone 3GS was affected, although rebooting my computer re-enabled sync. If you experience issues with syncing your iPhone or iPod touch after applying the update, restarting your computer should fix the problem.

Also included in the update is the option to automatically convert music with a high bitrate down to 128kbps AAC when syncing with an iPhone or iPod touch. This feature has been present in iTunes for some time, although it was only available to iPod nano and Shuffle owners.

Genius Mixes has also been updated, adding the ability to rename, rearrange, and remove any Genius Mix. Additionally, users can also access Genius Mixes via the iTunes DJ feature.

Lastly, iTunes 9.1 includes some minor interface tweaks. Notably, the device’s summary tab has seen several tweaks, shown below:

If you notice any other changes, let everyone know in the comments!

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