Apple Releases iPhone SDK Beta 8

Late Thursday, Apple released beta 8 (build 9m2199) of its iPhone/iPod touch software developer kit while beta certificates issued before June 9th also expired. The beta, a 1.25 gigabyte download, includes iPhone firmware version 5a345 and according to sources, improves stability as well as mentions a developer-only version of iTunes 7.7, which developers can use to “install iPhone OS Beta 8 on your Apple devices.”

The updated version of iTunes doesn’t seem to be included within the 1.25 gigabyte update and developers are apparently having a difficult time locating it on the web site. To take a look for yourself, check out the Apple iPhone Developer site and if you’ve gotten a chance to play with the new beta, let us know what you make of it via our tip line.

[Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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