Apple Releases iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 3 For iPad, Pulls The Update, Includes More Camera References [Updated]

Earlier today, Apple released iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 3 for iPad developers before pulling the update shortly thereafter. It’s not clear why Apple pulled the update, although some have reported that it contained some significant bugs.

Update: Apple has re-released iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 3 for developers.

In spite of the update being pulled, many folks managed to grab it before it went down. Our pals over at 9 to 5 Mac got their hands on it and found that the iPad simulator now includes the Photos app in addition to Safari, Contacts, and Settings. Most notably, the Photos app contains a “Camera” tab, which could indicate that the iPad will ship with a camera. However, as 9to5 points out, this could simply be related to the iPad’s ability to interface with a camera.

The simulator also appears to have gained the ability to send photos via email, another new feature for the simulator.

9to5 has also found that the Photos app will allow users to set a particular photo as their lock screen and home screen pictures.

While the addition of the Photos app to the iPad’s simulator isn’t surprising, it’s interesting to see how gradually Apple has rolled out iPad functionality to the simulator. To me, this indicates how unfinished the iPad’s OS is at this point and more importantly, how much work it’s taken Apple to simply scale up current applications. iPhone OS 4.0 should be very interesting.

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