Apple Releases iPhone Configuration Utility 2.0 [Update: Also Publishes 85-Page Guide]

Those of you in the IT business might be interested to know that Apple has released iPhoen Configuration Utility 2.0 for Mac OS X and Windows. The utility lets system administrators create, maintain, encrypt and push configuration profiles for multiple iPhones within a business.

[via MacRumors]

Update: Apple has also published a reasonably gigantic 85-page manual titled “iPhone OS Enterprise Deployment Guide: First Edition, for Version 3.0 or later,” highlighting 18 new features in iPhone OS 3.0 that improve the corporate experience with the iPhone, as well as detail how to set everything up. Here are a few of the things it talks about:

  • CalDAV calendar wireless syncing
  • LDAP server support for contact look-up in mail, address book, and SMS
  • Configuration profiles can be encrypted and locked to a device so that their removal requires an administrative password
  • iPhone Configuration Utility 2.0 now allows you to add and remove encrypted configuration profiles directly onto devices that are connected to your computer by USB
  • Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is now supported for certificate revocation
  • On-demand certificate-based VPN connections are now supported
  • VPN proxy configuration via a configuration profile and VPN servers is supported
  • Microsoft Exchange users can invite others to meetings. Microsoft Exchange 2007 users can also view reply status
  • Exchange ActiveSync client certificate-based authentication is now supported
  • Additional EAS policies are now supported, along with EAS protocol 12.1
  • Additional device restrictions are now available, including the ability to specify the length of time that a device can be left unlocked and disabling the camera
  • Local mail messages and calendar events can be searched. For IMAP, MobileMe, and Exchange 2007, mail that resides on the server can also be searched
  • Additional mail folders can now be designated for push email delivery
  • APN proxy settings can now be made specified using a configuration profile
  • Web clips can now be installed using a configuration profile
  • 802.1x EAP-SIM is now supported
  • Devices can now be authenticated and enrolled over-the-air using a Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) server
  • iTunes can now store device backups in encrypted format

[via Apple Insider]

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