Apple Rejects Another eBook Reader App For “Explicit Content”

Apple is drawing bad publicity once again for controversially denying yet another app for “explicit content”, even though the content in question can be accessed on the internet and even by other apps in the App Store. App developer Jamie Montgomerie explained in an entry on his blog that his eBook reader app, Eucalyptus, has been repeatedly denied getting published in the App Store due to it’s ability to access the Kama Sutra.

Jamie explains:

“The exact book (the Kama Sutra) that Apple considers the ability to read ‘objectionable’ is freely available on the iPhone in many ways already. You can find it through Safari or the Google app of course, but it is also easily available via other book reading apps. You can get it easily via eReader, though the search process is handled by launching a third-party site in Safari, with the download and viewing taking place in eReader. Stanza offers up multiple versions, some with illustrated covers. Amazon’s Kindle app, the latest version of which was approved by Apple this week, offers multiple versions too – although it does charge from 80¢ to $10 per book – and you again purchase via Safari before Kindle downloads the book.”

He has since updated the app to block the Kama Sutra and re-submitted it, at Apple’s request.

[via iLounge]

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