Apple Regulates iPad and iPhone Giveaways

Google iPad giveaway and you are sure to get tens of thousands of sites giving away Apple devices as a promotion. That will soon end. Apple has put a halt on all third-parties giving away their products. Apple created a document titled “Guidelines for Third Party Promotions” in January says Fortune. Now they have begun to enforce it. Looks like if you were looking to score a free iPad, you are out of luck.

The major points of the document state:

1. Use of the words FREE are strictly prohibited.
2. iPad, iPhone and iPhone gift cards may not be used in third party promotions.
3. iPod Touch is allowed, but only if you purchase a minimum of 250 units.
4. The Myriad set font is not allowed in conjunction with any related promotions.
5. All marketing materials must be submitted for review prior to offering any promotion or contest.
6. Third parties may not use any Apple corporate photos unless given to you with strict permission.
7. Must include the verbiage: “Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.”


What are your thoughts? Is Apple going to far? Or, do they have a right to get involved?


P.S. Bummer, cause iPhone Alley was just about to do a FREE iPad/iPhone giveaway. Dang! ;)