Apple Recalling iPhone 3G Power Adapter

iPhone 3G owners: Apple has issued a full recall of their Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter in the form of an exchange program. They have determined that the adapter is dangerous under certain conditions. Apple says that they have gotten reports where the “metal prongs can break off and remain in a power outlet, creating a risk of electric shock.”

Apple advises that all owners of the ultracompact adapter immediately stop using it until they exchange it for a new, redesigned ultracompact adapter.

Starting October 10, owners of the Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter that was sold with the iPhone 3G or purchased separately will be able to exchange their faulty adapter for a new, redesigned one that eliminates the safety hazard, free of charge. There are two ways to exchange your adapter for the new one.

  • Order a replacement adapter via the web. These replacement adapters will ship within three weeks of your order, starting on Friday, October 10.
  • Exchange your adapter at an Apple Retail Store starting on October 10.

In case you’re not sure which adapter you have, compare your iPhone power adapter to the one below:

If it looks like the one in the picture and does not have a green dot on the bottom, then you need to exchange it as soon as possible. The new adapters look like this:

They are mostly the same, but are redesigned not to break in your power socket. They are marked with a green dot on the bottom. If you’ve got the green dot, then it’s fine.

More information about the exchange is available at

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