Apple Pushes iTunes 9.0.1 Update

Today Apple pushed out the first update to iTunes 9, version 9.0.1. The most prominent change since iTunes 9′s release can be seen in the behavior of the green maximize button. In iTunes 9, the maximize button no longer switched iTunes into miniplayer mode and required users to option-click the button instead. This latest update reverts the button to its previous behavior.

In addition to this welcome change, the update also “resolves issues browsing the iTunes Store” and claims to improve overall performance in the app. Issues where iTunes may become unresponsive or unexpectedly quit should also be resolved in this update, at least to some extent.

Genius will now automatically update for users who haven’t already seen the Genius Mixes and show them once the update has completed. Also fixed is a bug which caused multi-disc albums to sort incorrectly, which I actually ran into.

The update is available now via Software Update and from Apple’s website.

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