Apple Publishes Minor Update In 1 Hour

It looks like Apple has really taken this whole developer relations thing to heart. App approval times have shrunk from months to just days. Now Craig Hockenberry’s wish may have come true. Developer Ron Jonson of Hobbyist Software got an update to his app approved in just an hour.

The update was to fix a silly mistake from a previous update. “It was a simple problem,” he told me over the phone this morning. “One of the buttons stopped working because of a stupid error. I missed a break in a case statement.” 

He uploaded the fixed version at roughly 11PM local UK time.

Shockingly, when he checked his email just an hour later, confirmation of the update’s approval was waiting for him in his inbox. With 24 hours, I was very impressed. But one hour? I couldn’t believe it. Clearly Apple has changed the game.”

“It’s awesome,” he said. “It makes me less scared to put out an update. ” Updates used to take two weeks to get published. It made things difficult, he says, because he wouldn’t “…want to do any more work until it [went] through. You [made] yourself do something else in the meantime” like switching to another project development, to allow time for Apple to finish processing the submission. “Now, I know I can have it sorted out very quickly, it’s so much easier for me to improve my app.”

He points out that Apple’s handling seems to be a lot better than Palm’s. “If a user finds a bug, and I fix it, I have to send a request to cancel the update before I can submit a new update.”

[via TUAW]


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