Apple Picks Up Pace with Approving App Updates for iOS 6 & iPhone 5

As we wait, almost bubbling over with excitement, the folks over in Cupertino are bustling around preparing for this Friday’s anticipated iPhone 5 launch. One of the ways that Apple is getting its stuff together is by devoting more resources into approving any application updates to ensure iPhone 5 owners are greeted with a store-full of applications compatible with iOS 6 and utilizing the device’s new taller screen.

The Next Web has been receiving reports from developers that say Apple is rapidly approving application updates. App submissions and updates typically take multiple days to be approved (or declined), but some developers are getting the green light within a mere couple of hours.

Apps that are only mentioning support for the new iPhone 5 and for iOS 6 are seeing quicker consent from the Cupertino-based company as compared to developers whose apps mention other things in the release notes.

Delivery Status for the iPhone & iPad

Some of the apps that have already been approved by Apple have been conveniently narrowed down by AppShopper’s unique RSS feed – you can view the list here. Among the hundreds of already-available apps, the most noteworthy seem to be the popular Twitter client, Tweetbot ($2.99) and undoubtedly the most intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing packaging-tracking client, Delivery Status ($4.99).

According to Netflix’s blog post, regarding its iOS app, from this morning, the company will “soon release an optimized version of this new experience for iPhone 5 to take advantage of the larger screen.” We’ll eagerly be awaiting the arrival of such an update for viewing on the iPhone 5.

It’s only logical that Apple would speed up its approval process for updates. Although the company did mention that all apps would be supported on the iPhone 5′s new screen, regardless of whether they support the improved resolution, its solution for this was to letterbox these apps. Apps that had not yet received support would be presented with two black borders on the top and bottom to fill the empty void.

If there’s anything to learn from iTunes reviews of games and apps, it’s that reviewers aren’t particularly the most fair people. Those who don’t know about the letterbox solution would most likely be dissatisfied, and the App Store would eventually be plagued with 1-star reviews of apps without support. This would undoubtedly cause problems for developers, and — it would just be a huge mess.

Apple, to be fair to developers, has foreseen the potential issue, which is why reviews are being rushed through the system.

As a reminder, iOS 6 launches worldwide tomorrow, while the iPhone 5 will begin to sell in two days.

[Via The Next Web]