‘Apple Pickers’ Take Juice Out of iPhone Owners

A band of iPhone thieves in Stamford, Connecticut is so skilled, so meticulous, so malicious, that the local police force has dubbed them, cleverly enough, “Apple pickers.”

CBS2, a local television station, featured footage of the brazen thieves victimizing upstanding, affluent iPhone owners, punishing these fine people with a taste for an Apple for their apparent unwillingness to work for a living.

The gang has been stealing iPhones from innocent folks since before the holidays, the television station reports, and victimizes mostly women who are alone and who are sitting in broad daylight. Out of around 40 cases, only one involved a male victim.

“I was mad and at the same time sad because I spent my money to buy that phone,” one victim told the station.

The thieves waste no time in maliciously disabling any and all security software, and they then sell their ill-gotten gains on the street for as much as $200.

Though this story involves a well-to-do, affluent town in a financially blessed state, the story should serve as a victim to all iPhone users: there are those who feel they are above doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, and these people think nothing of stealing, using the proceeds from their theft, no doubt, to purchase drugs, booze or whatever it is thieves purchase.

This story should serve as a cautionary tale: an iPhone user should be ever vigilant when using his or her iPhone in public. There may be some lowlife who is incapable of feeding his or her family, and that person may wish to use an innocent person’s iPhone to pay for food, though a thief’s intentions are never that honorable.

Besides, there are government agencies that reward the lazy. An innocent iPhone user should not be made to pay for others’ laziness. There are those who seek to get something for nothing in life, and the iPhone is a hot item which can be quickly sold, not for food, milk or diapers, but nearly always for narcotics, guns, or booze.

In an unimaginable crime such as the one mentioned above, the perpetrator is usually caught and brought to justice, but in this case, the criminal is likely to get away with his or her awful crime against humanity.

It’s because of thieves such as those mentioned in this story that we proudly link to iPhone insurance plans, which can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Of course, one would want to guard his or her iPhone with all due care, but should the worst happen, proper insurance will make an iPhone user whole after being victimized by a lazy, slothful thief who feels he or she is above, you know, work.

[via: CBS2]