Apple Performs iMessage Maintenance, Delays and Failures Abound

As we had noted ourselves to find the same tune being sung by many iMessage users beginning this morning, iMessage has not been performing up to its usual par – unless you consider long message delivery delays and failures “normal.” Many users have had to wait minutes for messages to successfully send, with some not being delivered at all.

Our own experiences echoed this, as we noticed multiple iMessage issues at around 1pm EST from iMessages taking 5-10 minutes to deliver, the Messages app resorting to carrier SMS text messaging, or texts not reaching their recipient. No remedies were found in this period, as a device reboot had no effect.

A source claiming to be close to Apple’s PR team explained to us how the errors were a result of Apple’s backend iMessage updates and expansion in time for the iOS 6 release as well as the swarm of new users iPhone 5 will introduce to the service.

Although I had noticed a message take a minute too long to receive just moments ago, the iMessage errors that were being faced before are for the most part resolved now. So, feel free to get back to those “OMG” conversations…