Apple Patents its Famous Slide-to-Unlock Feature

There are many things that the iPhone is known for, namely being a patent magnet for its manufacturer, Apple. It has emerged that Apple has scored yet another patent victory, this time for its famous slide-to-lock user interface.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Patent 675,639 on February 5, 2013.  The application was filed in September of 2011.

Apple submitted the patent for “a graphical user interface showing our new design.” The patent shows the horizontal bars which feature rounded corners that iPhone users have come to know since the phone’s debut in 2007.

In 2011, Apple was granted patent rights for the slide-to-unlock feature, and has already pursued Motorola and Samsung for alleged violations of that patent.

With the granting of this patent, one may wonder whether Apple will develop and patent slide-to-lock features.

Along with this patent came approval for Patent 675,612, which covers iPhone’s famous rounded corners, or to put it in legalese, the “ornamental design of an electronic device.” The granting of this patent will no doubt bode well for Apple in its cat-like, relentless pursuit of that proverbial mouse, Samsung.

That Apple has won the patent for the slide-to-unlock feature on the iPhone will no doubt rankle its competitors; the feature has been a bone of contention between the big boys for some time now, but now that Apple has the law behind it, the other companies will have no other choice but to step up and, you know, think for themselves.

[via: CNET]

Image Credit: Apple