Apple Patents Own Scribe Pen Device For No Touch Doodling

Apple has filed patents for two stylus devices similar to HTC’s Scribe Pen for taking notes on iPads or iPhones. The first device is labeled “stylus for touch sensitive devices.” It’s a heated digital pen with a rechargeable battery and docking station. The conductive heated tip helps create better interaction with the capacitive-sensors in Apple devices.

The second device is the “communicating stylus,” which features the ability to write on your iPhone or iPad from across the room. The pen is equipped with accelerometers and wireless transmitters that allows the user to enter data into an iOS device without actually touching anything.

Apple engineer Aleksandar Pance who invented the communicating stylus said “this makes it easy, for example, in a classroom setting for a user to take handwritten notes and simultaneously create a digital version of those notes.” Pance says users can also write on a whiteboard and “simultaneously display what he has written on a computing device.”

HTC currently offers their own Scribe Pen free with the purchase of an HTC Flyer tablet. The Scribe Pen originally retailed for $80.