Apple Patents New Sync Method, App For Accessing Files On Network Devices

In a new patent application published this week by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple details a method of sharing files between devices on the same personal network in order to simplify the syncing process. The patent describes a system for controlling what content is synced between devices and what isn’t, and includes a new app tentatively named “Grab and Go” that would allow the user to access files from other local devices.

Apple starts off by noting that the current methods of syncing a device are unnecessarily complicated.

Though a user may have access to two similarly capable electronic devices, sharing data between the two devices may involve a number of steps, each of which may vary in difficulty. The process of transferring data between the devices may include many user decisions, such as which data to save, where the data is saved, which formats each device may be capable of processing, how to interconnect the devices for a most effective data transfer, etc. Such complexity may increase the difficulty or time spent transferring data between two electronic devices.

The patent describes the Mac, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Remote, and a video game controller similar to a PlayStation as being devices that could potentially be connected through the network. It might also include some elements of cloud storage.

The software would allow the user to easily “grab” files on any device from any other device on the network. A hypothetical example they give is an iPhone app called “Grab & Go” that would let you grab files from your other Apple devices.

[via Apple Insider]

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