Apple Orders Significantly Less iPhone 5 Stock, New iPhone 5S/6 Already in Tow?

Despite an initial launch that made spur-of-the-moment ordering nearly impossible, Apple has done what would have been inconceivable four months ago: lowered its order for the iPhone 5′s production in the first quarter of 2013 by a significant, apprehension-inducing amount that is either foretelling or downright embarrassing. With reports ablaze that the next iPhone could launch around June, this could very well be fuel for a convincing fire.

As an unsurprising effect of a foreboding iPhone 5 stock cut, Apple’s stocks have fallen steadily by about 10% throughout December. While some may assume that iPhone 5 has not held up its sale demand past its parade-akin launch, sale reports do note the contrary.

Of course, that leaves one other logical reasoning behind Apple’s move: the next iPhone could be coming sooner than expected. Perhaps too soon for some early adopters since the market is already preparing for a potential “May-June” launch.

Demand had reportedly been affected by recent reports about the next generation of the iPhone lineup causing consumers pause. While we would not place bets on a summer timeframe for the next of kin in the lineup (let’s be honest: the odds are not too far-off from what is expected from a game of Roulette), it does not seem unfounded for a new device to appear so early as there have been struggles with quality control during iPhone 5′s more convoluted, precise manufacturing process that Apple seems poised to iron out.

As far as analysts are concerned, features of the next iPhone range from borrowing a touch of color from the iPod touch to a new “Touch on Display” technology that would increase touchscreen responsiveness.

Editor’s take: Some of these claims can be easily bought into. After a major release, the next iPhone would fill in an evolutionary spot; why not offer a few new colors, a new technology or two, then call it a day? These rumors are not absolutely ludicrous, although there is a notion that Apple had learned from the diminishing of 4/4S sales that had occurred once iPhone 5′s presence had been given traction so (as an unlikely theory) perhaps the company is adjusting stock as to not be tied to an overabundance. Nonetheless, it is suspicious for such a seemingly-popular product to undergo a drastic production change this early in the game. One fact is certain: the smartphone purchasing landscape has transitioned into a mysteriously bewildering time for potential iPhone buyers.

[via: Business Insider]