Apple Now Allowing Private API For Streaming Video, Image Capturing

It’s fairly clear from Apple’s more recent decisions that they’ve been loosening up their policy on private API calls. An Apple forum moderator outlined the changes in the developer forums, stating outright that certain API calls that were previously restricted are now fair game. Among them is an API from Apple’s Core Graphics framework that makes things like capturing screenshots and streaming video from the camera possible.

“After carefully considering the issue, Apple is now allowing applications to use the function UIGetScreenImage() to programmatically capture the current screen contents.” The function prototype is as follows:

CGImageRef UIGetScreenImage();

However, they noted that if a, “future release of iPhone OS… provide[s] a public API equivalent of this functionality,” they should be ready to update it, because “all applications using UIGetScreenImage() will be required to adopt the public API.”

[via TUAW]

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