Apple May Embed Fingerprint Scanner in Home Button of iPhone 5S [Rumor]

Having a passcode activated on your iPhone is a complete necessity when you consider just how much you depend on the information on your device. Photos, banking account information and contact details for nearly everyone you know are all housed inside of your iPhone.

A passcode is good, but what if you could access your iPhone with a fingerprint sensor built into it? That’s exactly what an analyst at KGI Securities expects to occur when Apple announces its iPhone 5S later this year.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple’s recent acquisition of AuthenTec will come into play with the iPhone 5S; he expects the company to find a way to integrate a fingerprint scanner below the iPhone’s home button.

This feature would make use of your iPhone much safer as you’ll be in control of your device when it’s out of your hands and will replace the need for username and passwords, which we’re sure you’re fed up with by now every time you make a purchase on the App Store. The fingerprint scanner will also be integrated into applications such as Passbook.

Ming-Chi Kuo has a strong track record of predicting Apple’s product lineup; he predicted the taller design of the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and the fourth-generation iPad with Lightning Connector.

Having a fingerprint scanner built below the home button would certainly set the iPhone 5S apart from Android and Windows Phone devices. It would also break Apple’s trend of making its “S” devices receive a small number of improvements, one of which is usually an improvement in speed. We’re definitely curious to hear what Apple has up its sleeve for the iPhone 5S.

[Via Appleinsider]

Written by Daniel Perez; Edited by Mike Crook