Apple Looking To Remove Need For Flash With CSS Animations?

Apple may be looking to remove the need for Adobe Flash support on the iPhone through the use of CSS animations. WebKit, the twin brother of Safari and the core of MobileSafari, was recently updated to include support for CSS animations, something already available in MobileSafari. Effects available include a falling leaves effect and a “pulse” effect similar to a more toned-down version of “blink”.

CSS Animations is one of the enhancements to CSS proposed by the WebKit project that we?ve been calling CSS Effects (eg. gradients, masks, transitions). The goal is to provide properties that allow Web developers to create graphically rich content. In many cases animations are presentational, and therefore belong in the styling system. This allows developers to write declarative rules for animations, replacing lots of hard-to-maintain animation code in JavaScript.

According to Arnold Kim of MacRumors, this may be a sign that Apple is trying to reduce the demand for Flash support by replacing it with CSS. That said, these features have been available in MobileSafari for some time, and yet they are still allegedly working with Adobe to port Flash over successfully.

[via MacRumors]

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