Apple Looking At Adding Camera To Next iPod Touch?

Ars Technica has found two new job listings at Apple Inc. headquarters in Cupertino suggesting the company may be considering adding a camera to the iPod Touch. Until recently, the job description for “Camera Project Manager – iPhone” included a reference to the iPod.

A listing posted on March 16 read:

“The iPhone Engineering Group is looking for a Camera Engineering Project Manager (EPM) to drive the design, development and integration of camera modules across iPhone and iPod.”

Earlier today, however, it was edited to remove the words “and iPod” from the description. While it is possible that this was omitted because it wasn’t accurate, it is clear due to the way the article is worded that the writer initially intended it to include both iPhone and iPod.

Other listings posted recently for a Camera Design Engineer – iPhone and iPhone Photo and Camera Apps Developer further suggest that the iPhone’s camera is an area of particular interest to them at this time.

[via Ars Technica]

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