Apple Launches International iPhone 3G Ad Campaign

As some of you may have noticed, Apple has launched a new international ad campaign singing the praises of the new iPhone 3G. They’re showing ads around the world that talk about some of the things people can do with an iPhone 3G, emphasizing the higher internet speeds of the 3G network capability. Some things mentioned are viewing the news, looking up your location on a map, downloading stuff, or surfing the web, all on an iPhone 3G.

Ads also include information specific to the country they air in, like showing a map of Toronto for showing directions in the Canadian version or a Surf School PDF for showing downloading speeds in the Australian version. So far the commercials have been spotted for five carriers: Rogers/Fido, TIM, Optus Australia (1, 2), Movistar, and I saw one here in the US last night.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen any others.

[via MacNN]

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