Apple Issues Public Apology After Briefly Approving ‘Baby Shaker’ App To App Store

Apple issued a public apology yesterday after briefly allowing a 99-cent app by the name of Baby Shaker into the App Store. It was in the store only a short time before complaints from users who found the app offensive led to the app being removed. The app displayed an animation of a crying baby, with the instructions to listen to it for as long as possible before shaking the phone to make the crying stop.

The public apology was picked up by the Associated Press:

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said Thursday that the game was “deeply offensive” and said it should not have been approved for sale.
“We sincerely apologize for this mistake,” Kerris said in a statement.

Sikalosoft, the company behind the app, issued an apology of sorts on their home page:

Yes, the Baby Shaker iPhone app was a bad idea. You should never shake a baby! Even on an Apple iPhone Baby Shaking application. In case you are unaware Baby Shaker was an Apple iPhone application that was greatly lacking in taste. It was approved by Apple for download upon the iPhone. However, it was later taken down because it was a baby shaking video game! While GTA is a video game that pushes the limits, it is still yet to have a baby shaking mini game in it.

They also included a brief explanation of what Shaken Baby Syndrome, and why there is no entertainment value in it.

[via MacRumors]

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