Apple is Already Being Sued over iCloud

In a developing story surprising yet, not at the same time, Apple is being sued over iCloud.


The complaint was filed on June 9 through the US District Court in Arizona by iCloud Communications.  ICloud Communications, based out of Phoenix, provides voice-over-IP and other cloud computing products and services.  ICloud seeks monetary compensation and an injunction against Apple’s use of iCloud.


In the complaint, iCloud is claiming that Apple’s use of iCloud is causing “irreparable harm” because of the confusion it has raised between the two companies’ iCloud services.  ICloud’s lawyers say that “in fact, iCloud Communications has received numerous inquiries from both existing and prospective customers regarding whether it is now owned or affiliated with Apple.”


One thing I found interesting in the 16-page complaint was the list of “Apple’s Pattern of Willful Trademark Infringement.”  In this section, iCloud’s lawyers list nine times since the 1970s that Apple has used some form of another company’s product names or company names.


If Apple pays iCloud Communications monetary damages, legal fees and stops using the iCloud name, the lawsuit will be final and nothing else will be done.  But what is the real likelihood that Apple is going to drop the iCloud name for their new service?


It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this in the next weeks and months.