Apple Introduces Revamped Apple Headphones: EarPods

Regardless of their horrible sound quality and quite generic aesthetic, Apple’s iconic earbuds that came standard with the purchase of an iPod or iPhone were quite popular. The amount of other brands commonly used didn’t nearly stack up with the whopping 600 million pairs of Apple earbuds that were shipped. But three years ago, Apple caught a whiff of the overall disappointment shared by their earbud users and has taken the design back to the drawing board. Among the numerous other announcements made today at Apple’s press conference, the Cupertino-based company also announced the revolutionary new design to replace the iconic design previously used; these are known as EarPods.

EarPods are shaped differently when compared to the older earbuds, which means more comfort and improved sound quality for users. The new design features sound ports integrated into each stem as well as the sides of the buds themselves. The vents on the sides “allows air inside the stem, which acts as an acoustic chamber, to flow out,” according to Apple. “So you hear deeper, richer bass tones.”

To be honest, the old design wasn’t really engineered to offer the optimal amount of comfort. Although they fit some people without any flaws, my ears and the earbuds didn’t pair well together. The earbuds would constantly slip out and there wasn’t anything form of rectification for me. With the EarPods, Apple have posted a video on its website showing the amount of depth and effort it went through to get the fit just right. The company apparently 3D-scanned hundreds of ears to find a commonality between different types of people, and the EarPods have been designed to satisfy the commonality that was found. Therefore, the improved design should fit a wider range of people.

“They rest comfortably in your ears, but they don’t create a seal the way in-ear headphones do,” the aforementioned video said.

Apple claims that the headphones’ audio quality is on par with other higher-end options priced at up to $100 more than the EarPods. You’ll be able to purchase EarPods from Apple, and they’ll also bee sold along with the newly introduced iPhone 5 and improved iPod models.