Apple Introduces iTunes 9, Includes App Rearranging, Improved Store, More! Available Now

At Apple’s “It’s only Rock and Roll” event today in San Francisco, CEO Steve Jobs introduced iTunes 9. This latest version now includes the ability to add, remove, and rearrange applications on the iPhone and iPod touch. This now makes it easier than ever to load up your iPhone with apps and quickly arrange them the way you want. Additionally, iTunes 9 now sports improvements to syncing.

You can now specify which artists, playlists, and genres you’d like to automatically sync, in addition to playlists and other specific options.

iTunes 9 brings with it an improved iTunes Store. We’ve yet to see if the improvements are carried over to the App Store and to what extent, but it looks good so far. Apple’s also included Genius functionality to suggest new apps based on what you’ve purchased.

Also new is a feature called “iTunes LP” which, according to Apple, reinvents the experience of looking at LP’s. The new service shows large album artwork, liner notes, essays from the bands, videos, and more.

Genius has also been improved with a new feature called Genius Mixes. The new feature allows Genius to create a mix of songs that go well together.

Home Sharing now allows you to share any iTunes content, including App Store apps, between your computers at home.

iTunes 9 should be available sometime today is available now at and through Software Update.

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