Apple Introduces iTunes 8, HD TV Shows, NBC Returns

At their “Let’s Rock” event in San Francisco, Apple introduced a new version of iTunes, version 8.0, complete with new features, HD TV shows, and the return of NBC shows. Included in the release is an entirely new feature called “Genius” which recommends songs based on songs you already own. A new “grid” view has also been added which allows you to look at your library arranged in a grid and sorted however you choose.

As demonstrated by Jobs during his presentation, Genius shares information about your library with iTunes servers which, in turn, make recommendations based on what you’re listening to. The result is a “smart” playlist based on the music you had chosen. Genius can also recommend new music using the “Genius Sidebar” which will link you to music in the iTunes store that you may like.

The grid view looks quite a bit like iPhoto’s “Events” view. Arranged by Album, Artist or Genre, the new grid view displays album artwork in a grid. Rolling your mouse over any of the album artwork will allow you to “scrub” over albums in each square, similar iPhoto.

iTunes 8 also includes HD TV shows from NBC, and from other studios as well. HD TV shows are available on Macs, PCs, and the Apple TV and cost $1 more than the standard definition version.

[via Engadget]

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