Apple Introduces iPhone 3G Gift Card, Lets You Give The Gift Of iPhone

Now that signing on the dotted line is required in order to purchase an iPhone, giving one as a gift this Christmas could become complicated. Thankfully, those looking to give the gift of an iPhone this year may yet be in luck. Apple has created a special iPhone 3G Gift Card which can be used to buy an iPhone 3G at any Apple Retail Store.

The gift card can be purchased in any amount starting at $25 toward the purchase of a new iPhone. The remainder can’t be used to pay for service, although it be used to purchase other things at the Apple Store.

However, our tip to those who want to actually put an unopened iPhone 3G under the tree is this—buy the iPhone 3G, sign on the dotted line (assuming you’re willing to pay the bill), and ask to leave the box sealed. When that lucky someone opens their iPhone 3G, iTunes will quickly activate the iPhone with no visit to the store required. For those of you who don’t want to pay the bill, an iPhone Gift Card truly sounds like the best way to go.

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