Apple Implementing Facial Detection Software in iOS 5

It’s yet to be revealed when iOS 5, the anticipated, new iOS, will be making its introduction to the public. What we do know are the prominent features that will be included with the revolutionary new OS, and one noticeable addition is the implementation of facial detection software and APIs.

Apple acquired Swedish company, Polar Rose less than a year ago, and thanks to their facial recognition algorithms, Apple are including facial recognition into the new iOS software supposedly being released to the public this fall. 9to5Mac has confirmed that the APIs are very sophisticated, as they’ve been playing around with them in their beta build of iOS 5.

I’m not sure when Apple will quite release the APIs to developers, so that they can prepare for the launch of iOS 5 with application utilizing the new software. Yes, they will be making the APIs available for developers to use in their applications for iOS, which is probably the prominent plus of this new addition. Expect to see a good number of applications taking advantage of the face detection software.

It would be great if Apple could somehow incorporate the software into the security aspect of iOS: they could maybe implement your device to only wake up when your face is recognized – that may just be a far ways off.

Now I’m really psyched and looking forward to downloading the new software update this Fall. I’m just really waiting for some developer to come along with an application that’ll rate your face on a scale 1-10. That’ll be a huge hit if developed – hey, but if anyone uses that idea, I get some of the profits!

Check out Polar Rose’s video using their software:

[Via 9to5Mac]