Apple Has Best Quarter Yet, No Plans to Slow Down – Our Breakdown of Apple’s Quarterly Report

It would be incredibly difficult to complain at Apple right now as the company closes its strongest quarter to date, although Wall Street does beg to differ. Despite reports to the contrary, iPad and iPhone sales have remained a powerful force in the market as they both ascend further with unmatched numbers. With Apple bringing in another billion-dollar figure to its stockpile of cash, follow us after the break as we break down the sales that led Apple to such an industry-leading profit – and why the market finds itself disappointed.

During the 13-week period (that holiday shoppers are quite familiar with) beginning on November 6 and closing on December 29, Apple managed to shatter its own records with a revenue of $54.5 billion. Not too shabby, huh? Profit is also at a record level at $13.1 billion, marking unmatched sales for products adorned by a fruit logo. These numbers represent a 17.6% growth over the same quarter last year.

iPhone sales – 47.8 million | With the iPhone available on more carriers than ever, the 10.8 million sale increase over this time last year comes as a disappointment. Especially on the heels of the release of the first major iPhone upgrade since the iPhone 4, which was released in June 2010; perhaps the former iteration is cutting into iPhone 5’s sales since it is still available, now enticingly free-on-a-contract. The sales split between the three iPhone models on the market is not specified in Apple’s report so we are left in the dark regarding sales of the iPhone 5.

iPad sales – 15.43 million | The iPad mini represented a major boon for Apple this quarter, with sales for the iPad lineup up 111% over this quarter last year. Perhaps releasing a minor iPad upgrade prior to the holidays worked wonders as well for the tablet’s sales, as buyers were less reluctant about a new release coming during the typical spring timeframe.

iPod sales – 12.7 million | Even with the release of a vastly-upgraded iPod touch, iPod sales are down roughly three million from 15.4 million to 12.7 million. iPad mini and iPhone sales are undoubtedly cannibalizing this segment of Apple’s products as buyers are replacing their iPads with the aforementioned devices.

It is clear that the one-two punch and focus for Apple resides in the iPhone and iPad lineups, although Macs are not to be scoffed at with 4.1 million in sales (a 1 million drop). This is not unheard-of as the PC industry is also experiencing diminishing sales. Potential Mac buyers may end up leaving Apple Stores with a less-costlier iPad in this age of computing.

Not to be forgotten, the App Store also generates a great deal of profit for Apple. Combined with the rest of iTunes, revenue amounts to 3.7 billion.

Even with record figures, Apple’s stock has dropped substantially as analysts adjust their expectations for next quarter. As a result, a significantly-revised iPhone 5S/6 may not be as far-fetched considering the disappointment surrounding iPhone sales.

Apple shares closed at $514.00 today after opening at $508.81, but shares continue to plummet well below that opening price. As of the time that this article was published, after-hours market trading put Apple stock at $457.75.

Stick with us for our relaunch to find out exactly what next quarter will hold for the technology pioneer.

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