Apple Finally Puts An End To Emoji Enablers, Get ‘Em While They’re Still Available

Yesterday we received word from the developer of Miscalculator [App Store] that an update to the application had been rejected from the App Store due to its inclusion of Emoji enabling code. After the enabler was removed, Apple approved the application.

Earlier this evening we received word from the developer of Typing Genius [App Store] who has word from Apple that they’re officially banning Emoji enablers in the App Store.

According to Gary Fung (Typing Genius’ developer) Apple will be removing all traces of Emoji from the App Store starting today. All new applications which include enablers will be rejected in the review process (as it was with Miscalculator, and applications which provided nothing but Emoji support have already been pulled. Applications which provide additional functionality, such as Typing Genius, are now required to provide an update to Apple which does not include the Emoji code.

Those who enabled Emoji using an App Store app won’t lose it once the changes in the store take effect. Additionally, Typing Genius won’t disable them in future versions. We can’t speak for developers of other apps, but we’re guessing the same will apply.

If you haven’t already enabled Emoji, now is the time. There’s no hacking involved, just a simple app purchase. At its current version (1.1.1) Typing Genius [App Store] will get the job done. Check out our tip on how to enable Emoji for the specifics.

Emoji is the Japanese term for emoticons which are represented by small images written in-line with text. Apple enabled them in the 2.2 software update due to an incredible need for them in Japan. However, they are not enabled by default in any other country.

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