Apple Fights Back Against JailbreakMe with iOS 4.3.4 Update

After JailbreakMe was recently updated for compatibility with all iOS devices running software version 4.3.3 and earlier, including iPad 2 for the first time, it did not take long for Apple to develop its own update in its fight against exploits that allow iOS to be jailbroken. This time around, Apple did not wait for anything notable, not even a bug fix, to release iOS 4.3.4. The update’s only purpose is to close the hole that allowed users to hack into their iOS devices with JailbreakMe.

The sole update note Apple provided with 4.3.4 is that it “Fixes security vulnerability associated with viewing malicious PDF file.” In other words, “your move, jailbreak community.”

With the latest version of JailbreakMe, clever hackers found that special PDF files with “malicious” code were the key to a PC-free jailbreak on iOS 4.3-4.3.3. Then all users had to do was point Safari to a PDF on the JailbreakMe site. Within minutes they were on their way to Cydia, the “app store” for apps that wouldn’t be allowed in the App Store, fun.

Nobody can blame Apple for wanting to get the update out so quickly for just this reason since harmful viruses could have utilized the same PDF exploit. That is unlikely though, seeing that there have been no widespread or even noteworthy iOS viruses. Apple was maintaing its anti-jailbreak stance more so than keeping iOS virus-free with the quick release.

Head over to iTunes and update to protect yourself from any potential viruses utilizing the PDF exploit. Jailbroken users need not apply. Actually, regular users have no reason to hurry and update anyway, especially since this is such an insignificant update and there is (currently) nothing dangerous surfacing as a result of not having the exploit patched.