Apple Extends NDA To Developer Rejection Letters

In what appears to be a response to the swarm of bad press surrounding the controversial rejection of certain apps from the App Store, Apple has now extended their NDA to include the contents of the rejection letters sent to the developers notifying them that their app has been rejected. The move makes it a breech of the legally binding SDK agreement to share the contents of the email.

It should be noted that the emails may have already been subject to the NDA, but Apple is now making it clear by labeling all emails with the following non-disclosure warning:


The news comes not long after a lot of controversy surrounding Apple’s criteria for the app approval process that all apps must go through to enter the App Store. Many of the developers of rejected apps have expressed concerns that Apple’s process for reviewing apps is arbitrary and shows not real relation to concern over stability, SDK abuse, or general quality, and have gained a lot of attention, and served as inspiration for at least one webcomic.

As a result, many blogs are using this as an opportunity to mention the fact that Google is advertising Android as a completely open platform, free from restrictions.

[via MacRumors]

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