Apple Executives To Head To China To Continue Negotiations With China Unicom

Senior Apple executives will be heading to China in person to restart negotiations with China Unicom to solidify a deal to bring the 3GS to their country on their network. “Senior officials from Apple Inc are to visit China this week, and they haven’t arrived in Beijing yet,” the informed source told “Apple’s branch company in China are ready for the reception, and it has informed China Unicom about this earlier,” the source revealed the information on Monday night.

“Their visit aims to visit senior officials of China Unicom and discuss with them how iPhone should enter Chinese market.” The source also added that the Apple execs may also meet with seniors of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

When they were last in session, negotiations were headed up by China Unicom VP Li Gang in the U.S. This time, they will be headed by Apple’s Greg Joswiak, VP of iPod and iPhone Product Marketing, and on China Unicom’s soil.

[via International Business Times]

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