Apple Emptying United Kingdom Stores Due to Riots

As a result of the rioting tragedy that has been taking place in London and surrounding areas over the past four days, Apple is taking precautions to protect retail store employees and inventory. Not only have many stores in the United Kingdom been temporarily closed, but all product stock, including display units, has been moved out of a number of Apple Store locations.

It is known that Apple retail locations Liverpool ONE, Meadowhall, Cabot Circus have been adhering to these precautions. However, quite a few stores have faced part of the turmoil and it has not been confirmed whether they are following the same safety measures. Entrances to the mall housing Apple Store Bullring in Birmingham were destroyed but the store had placed four savage dogs outside to threaten looters.

The flagship Regent Street store is currently closed, with products still inside the premises. Police were parked outside of the store to protect the business area, but not the Apple Store in particular.

Apple’s measures follow the abhorrent rioting that had began taking place in London on Saturday after a 29 year-old Mark Duggan, reported to be a prominent drug dealer, was shot by police. What started out as a protest against the Metropolitan Police’s shooting of the man quickly became violent and has influenced a high amount of rioting, which has yet to seize. Ongoing heinous acts include motiveless widespread lootings and destruction.

Our hearts go out to everybody affected by the riots. We wholeheartedly hope that rioters see the errors of their ways and are swiftly brought to justice.

[via MacRumors]