Apple Distinguishes Differences Between CDMA and GSM iPhones

With a new support article, online on Apple’s website, the differences between the GSM (AT&T) and CDMA (Verizon) are distinguished. Though what’s included in the simple chart isn’t anything new, it may be the deciding factor for those of you on the fence between the two competitor networks.

The chart found above and here shows the main differences these two different versions of the iPhone 4. It does mention that conference calls with Verizon can only support 2 people while AT&T’s GSM can support up to 5 people at one time. Additionally, the fact that you cannot place a call on hold is also mentioned.

There’s nothing new or surprising about the chart, but I just thought I’d let those of you, who can’t decide which network to go with or are simply deciding whether or not to leave AT&T know. It’s better to be sure of what you’re buying before you buy it, right?