Apple Delaying Payments To Devs, Threatens Financial Ruin With New Refund Policy

More and more developers are starting to complain about late payments from Apple for app sales and bad customer service. If that weren’t enough, they are requiring all developers to sign a new agreement to sell apps in the next generation of App Store that will force them to pay the entire cost of app sale refunds.

Threads have been popping up on forums with developers talking about various ways Apple is mistreating them. One developer claims to have had delays in payments for January and not getting all of what they’re entitled to from sales. Another developer says Apple is a week late. Still another said on February, his report was replaced with an email from Apple that said the following:

February iTunes Financial Report Update

Due to system enhancements, your February Financial Report(s) will be delivered later than recent months. You should expect to see your February Report(s) available for download on iTunes Connect within the time frame for delivery as provided for in your contract.

He still has yet to receive his February report, and it’s almost April.

Apple has also revised their developer agreement for the next generation of the App Store compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 involving app sale refunds. According to the new policy, anyone who purchases an app in the App Store has the right to get a refund on the full sale price of the app within 90 days of purchase, in which case developers must pay back what they received from the sale. However, the new agreement also says that Apple has the right to keep their commission in these circumstances, requiring developers to pay for what Apple received as well.

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