Apple Changes Wording Of UK iPhone 3G Ad?

We’ve just received word from a reader that Apple may be changing their iPhone ads in the UK to be more truthful to avoid a clash with the ASA. A while back we told you about how the ASA in the UK had banned one of Apple’s ads from airing on television due to complaints that their claim of the iPhone offering “all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone” was misleading, as it doesn’t support Flash or Java.

iPhone Alley reader Ash just informed us that he saw Apple’s “Unslow” ad in the UK recently, and it had been altered. Instead of saying “twice as fast”, it now says “really fast”. He suspects that Apple changed it to avoid another clash with the ASA. Interestingly, the video of “Unslow” on Apple’s site still says “twice as fast”.

What do you think? Did Apple change the ad to comply with demands from the ASA? We haven’t seen the ad ourselves, but it does sound possible.

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