Apple Censors English Dictionary – Taking Censorship Too Far?

A shocking example of Apple’s quest to censor the App Store was recently discovered that underscores the absurdity of Apple’s standards. Daring Fireball’s John Gruber reported earlier today that Ninjawords Dictionary [App Store | $0.99], an application that gives an intuitive interface to the user-generated dictionary Wiktionary, but only after Apple had worked with the developer for several months to censor certain word and give it a 17+ rating.

In case that wasn’t perfectly clear, Gruber explained the ramifications of the situation:

Apple censored an English dictionary.

A dictionary. A reference book. For words contained in all reasonable dictionaries. For words contained in dictionaries that are used every day in elementary school libraries and classrooms.

There’s frankly not much we can say that can add to the bizarre situation. John Gruber’s comments sum it up perfectly, and we suggest you give it a read.

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