Apple Bringing iCloud Apps to the Web

Apple has heard the silent calls pleading them to bring aspects of iCloud to the web, undergoing a beta to grant that wish. At its updated site, there will be a hub online for users to access iCloud staples including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Find My iPhone, and even iWork functionality by way of HTML5 apps.

Following the demise of Apple’s web app/file storage hub MobileMe (which was shut down on Sunday, set to be completely removed on July 31, 2012) comes the browser-accessible iCloud web-site suite. Including practically all of iCloud’s current features with the omission of Photo Stream, it ensures users are always connected to their files and important personal information.

Mirroring the iPad application, Notes updates on all of a user’s iOS devices as they are created and edited. Calendar and contacts look and feel similar to their Mac counterparts. Reminders had previously been conjoined with Calendar, but has since moved on to become its own app as it does in iOS. iCloud’s web collection is also touting Find My iPhone, the service which gives victims of a lost iOS device the power to locate it via GPS, lock, erase, and send a message to a new owner.

In the Mac OS X Mountain Lion update coming in July, Mac will be joining iOS users that already have full iCloud apps and functionality. A web iCloud service effectively grants access to Windows users, and even other mobile devices (provided one also has a compatible Apple device).

When launched alongside iOS 6, users will be able to find iCloud apps at Developers with iOS 6 already installed can get in on the action early by heading to

[via MacRumors]