Apple Bringing Back In-Home Activation (Sort Of)

One of the worst parts about the iPhone 3G launch was that we no longer had the convenience of activating our iPhone ourselves from the comfort of our homes, but instead reverted back to forcing people to activate them before they leave the store. Thankfully they may be going back to the old method, or at least partly.

A rumor recently surfaced saying that Apple is planning to allow people to do part of the activation process at home. BGR says that someone told them that users will be able to do all of the prep-work for their iPhones like entering their social security number, billing information, choosing a plan, etc. from home, and then just take it to an Apple or AT&T store to have it un-bricked. While it’s not as great as being able to do it all from home, it is a step in the right direction and should help to shorten lines.

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