Apple Awarded Black Pencil For iPhone, iMac

Apple has been awarded two of the creative industry’s most respected and desired awards, the D&AD Black Pencil Awards, for the design of the iPhone and aluminum iMac. The announcement makes for a total of six of the awards since 1999, making Apple the most successful firm in the 45-year history of the awards.

The Black Pencil Award is notoriously difficult to obtain, something reflected in the fact that awards weren’t even given out at six of their annual award ceremonies, the most recent of which was 2003. This makes winning one all the more prestigious.

“One of the things that makes D&AD credible is they won’t give an award if the work isn’t good enough,” said Jonathan Ive, the chief designer at Apple, speaking to “It is not about what is best that year, it is about an absolute standard.”


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