Apple Already Passed 10 Million Sales Goal?

A user on the MacObserver forums has been compiling iPhone IMEI numbers onto a public spreadsheet, and according to his findings, Apple may hav already reached their 10 million unit goal they proposed last year. According to the sequential Type Allocation Codes (TAC),Apple has already manufactured 9.2 milliion iPhone 3Gs.

When combined with the 2.4 million iPhones sold last year, it would mean that Apple has most likely sold over 10 million units, even if as much as a million of them are still waiting to be sold.

SeekingAlpha notes that there aren’t many things that could prove the estimate wrong, either:

“The actual number of handsets sold versus manufactured depends on a variety of factors including the amount of inventory Apple carries in its retail chain, defects that were destroyed, defects that were sold and then exchanged, display models etc.”

[via Seeking Alpha]

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