Apple Already Approving iPad Apps, Listings Appear in iTunes Preview

Earlier this week Apple announced they would be taking iPad app submissions, and from what has been discovered on iTunes Preview — a section of Apple’s site that lists of all of the apps in the iTunes App Store — it appears Apple has already started approving iPad apps. This was first noticed with games that appear multiple times, having “HD” or “XL” in their titles (presumably meaning they are built for the larger iPad resolution). These games appear on the iTunes Preview page, but the HD or XL versions don’t appear in the iTunes App Store.

We also found two apps from The Omni Group on this page which have been rumored to be in the works, OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketcher. Likewise, these do not appear in the iTunes App Store either. Another exciting find was six listings for Command & Conquer Red Alert, with only two being available in the App Store.

Since it is entirely possible these apps are simply “in the works” by the developers, but not necessarily approved by Apple, we spoke to one developer who has an app in the works. His app, which has not been approved, is not listed in the iTunes Preview page. This seems to indicate these apps are ready for the iPad, but we won’t be getting any peaks until April 3.

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