Apple Adds New iTunes List, “Benchmark Games”, We Agree

I’m not sure how recently this list was added by Apple, but it was new for me, so I decided to post about it. Apple has compiled yet another one of their popular App Store lists, which this time around includes links to Apple’s “Benchmark Games” for multiple categories.

The list includes tons of titles that you’ve both not heard of as well as popular iOS titles that have made it big. I’d just like to say that I totally agree with the applications that are contained in the list; though the guide doesn’t have every single application that should have fit in the categories listed, I do agree that the application that are included are worthy of their spot.

The application are listed below in their proper categories:

Innovative Gameplay
Scribblenauts Remix $2.99
UFO on Tape $0.99
Zombie Gunship $0.99
Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery $4.99
Tiny Tower FREE
Quarrel Deluxe $2.99
Radballs $2.99
iBlast Moki 2 HD $4.99
World of Goo HD $4.99
Continuity 2: Continuation $0.99

Intuitive Controls

Touchgrind BMX $4.99
League of Evil $1.99
NFL Flick Quarterback $2.99
To-Fu 2 $0.99
Drawrace $0.99
Battleheart $2.99
Bumpy Road $2.99
Dark Nebula – Episode 2 $1.99
Tilt to Live $2.99

Stunning Graphics

Infinity Blade $2.99
Shadowgun $4.99
Contre Jour HD $2.99
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD $9.99
EPOCH $5.99
Real Racing 2 $4.99
Death Rally $0.99
Pocket RPG $4.99
RAGE HD $1.99
FIFA SOCCER 12 $4.99

Quick Fixes
Words with Friends $2.99
Where’s My Water? $0.99
Whale Trail $0.99
Cut the Rope: Experiments $0.99
Tiny Wings $0.99
Angry Birds Rio $0.99
Jetpack Joyride $0.99
Tapper World Tour $0.99
Monsters Ate My Condo $0.99
Sprinkle $1.99

Hardcore Games

Dead Space $6.99
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation $6.99
Order and Chaos $6.99
Infinity Field $0.99
Bike Baron $0.99
Dark Meadow $5.99
Deathsmiles $11.99
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD $3.99
NBA JAM $0.99
9mm $6.99

Hope you enjoy any of these 50 games. Like I said before, they’re all worthy of your purchase so whip out that giftcard you bought this past Black Friday and go wild!

You can see the list in iTunes here.